Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil For Everyone

OKi Wellness products contain broad-spectrum hemp oil and benefits every family member. Our CBD tinctures, capsules, and creams are infused with the highest-quality, organically grown hemp extracts and can improve focus, expedite recovery, and encourage calmness.

Oki Wellness Tinctures


Choose mint or original, whichever flavor you prefer.

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Oki Wellness Capsules


Our CBD capsules are available in both 10mg and 25mg dosages.

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Oki Wellness Topicals


Our topical balm is easy to apply and starts working in minutes.

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OKi Wellness Pet Products
OKi Pets CBD Tincture - Bacon Flavor


Our Bacon Tincture is specifically designed to make pets feel good.

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OKi Pets CBD Dog Treats


These treats come with 5 mg of the highest quality hemp extracts.

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Our Focus is on the Family

OKi Wellness products can be used when pain and irritation flares up or proactively for managing specific ailments and inflammation.

OKi Wellness is a family-owned business committed to helping other families.

We are a Texas-based company with longstanding ties to the DFW community.

Our products help people live their best lives by allowing them to feel less pain, think more clearly and be more productive.

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For Everyone

From students to grandmothers and from stay-at-home parents to 9-to-5 professionals, OKi Wellness products can provide relief for every family member.

All OKi Wellness products are designed for all ages to lessen pain and find relief.

Pets can experience pain and stress just like people. Support their special needs.

OKi Wellness products can supplement your doctor’s orders and provide you with a natural way to regain control.

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“After taking OKi Wellness CBD Tinctures, the nagging pain in my back has subsided to the point that I have to think about it to remember that I used to have it! It is a relief to be able to consume a natural product instead of a manufactured chemical.”

Keller, TX

“I have suffered with knee pain that would awaken me at night, so I never got a full night’s rest. After taking the OKi Wellness CBD Tincture for only a day, I woke up and realized that I had slept through the night! All prescriptions I have taken have not given me the total relief that I have experienced by taking CBD oil.”

Colleyville, TX

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30 Day Guarantee


The OKi 30-day Guarantee

Use our products consistently for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, return the unused portion for a full refund. Your happiness is our number one priority.

OKi Wellness CBD Products